Despite the cautious market environment, the US dollar is struggling to rebound.

Started by OZER, Jan 25, 2023, 05:29 PM

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If your bank or crypto offers an interest rate you're a shareholder.brbrHow in the fuck can on anyone on planet Earth be stupid enough to think that 20% returns is "stable" that's about as stable and consistent as being pretty good at blackjack in the casino. Doomed to fail.

This is a rigged con-game.  They could pay high wages to all; if only they could live without 4 yachts 

Better educate yourselves a lil more  Its about oil It permeates the world  Blame it on covid Blame it on supple chain  Blame anywhere you want  Go talk to Jimmy Carter  The research will show you  Oil

This is what the government wants.  Inflat their way out of debt but they just keep borrowing way more.

Do Kwon got so cocky that he literally challenged billionaires to attack Luna. br1. Never challenge the internet.br2. Never challenge the billionaires.

Please try Google before asking about New Product Tips 93_595d