Forex reserves fall $4.5 billion in two weeks

Started by OZER, Dec 12, 2021, 04:34 PM

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More  BS FUD.  If you get hurt then you are stupid but you still have a right to spend your money how you want.  Lumping Tesla in the headline with bubbles is another example of pure FUD by  the joke financial news channel.  Urge some caution over Rivian, which is a bubble.  By the way Tesla could care less if Herz buys or not.  Tesla sells every car they make no matter if Herz was in or out of business it wouldn't matter.

After long consideration of the facts counterfeiting money, credit cards and fraudulent methods of payment should no longer carry a penalty.  What's good for the goose.

We can start by hanging Central Banksters for Treason...then most of Congress for allowing it...

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Wow investment with ️is cool my blockchain wallet was just sent 10k worth of bitcoin so Awesome

Cancel the Fed Infrastructure bill entirely , highway can be toll roads some already are,  let the State manage there own bridges and road like it was originally suppose to be handled.

Of course it can but why would it this benefits the wealthy and keeps the working class dependent on the government.

s during the Restrictions this would not happen ️️️

It doesnt work like that, inflation isnt as crazy as they make it seem this is propaganda

 has got to be one of the last remaining mainstream news outlets that does actual reporting. This is a great article, good job !

Where is the accountability. Who is responsible for the inflation. No one cares

You want to control inflation? Turn off the presses and let 50% be absorbed into the economy.

Only suckers will believe Feds.   Put all money into Bitcoin.... Feds are high on drugs.