Forex Forecast: Pairs in Focus

Started by OZER, Dec 20, 2021, 12:44 AM

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The difference between success and failure in Forex trading is very likely to depend mostly upon which currency pairs you choose to trade each week and in which direction, and not on the exact trading methods you might use to determine trade entries and exits.

When starting the trading week, it is a good idea to look at the big picture of what is developing in the market as a whole and how such developments and affected by macro fundamentals and market sentiment.

Big Picture 19th December 2021
Last week's Forex market saw a lot of important news releases and the early stages of a big wave of coronavirus starting to hit western countries, mainly in Europe. However, directional volatility was not especially high, but we did see quite active markets during the second half of the week following the FOMC release.

The US dollar rose a little in line with its long-term bullish trend, but the hawkish tilt from the FOMC on Wednesday did not move the price of the greenback by much. The US Dollar Index ended the week roughly where it started just before the release.

Risk sentiment worsened over the week, with most stock markets lower, including the benchmark US S&P 500 Index. Most global stock markets fell over the week, as did the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars which are commodity currencies and key risk barometers. The worsening of risk sentiment globally is probably mostly because there is increasing fear over the impact of the omicron coronavirus variant which has begun to spread extremely rapidly in some European nations and is just getting started in the USA. Safe-haven currencies such as the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, and the US dollar are all higher, but only marginally so in the case of the yen and the franc. It is worth noting that all these movements are relatively small and the swings in risk sentiment I am describing are nothing special and probably do not represent especially strong trading opportunities.
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