Forex Today: Dollar capitalizes on rising yields, eyes on US PMI data

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:43 PM

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Maintaining stable prices is not one of the Federal reserves goals. If you understand exponential growth then even at their smallest 2% stated goal of inflation you have extraordinary results in just a couple decades.  When you realize the national deficit was less than one trillion dollars in 1980 this starts to make sense. This system is not sustainable and we are near the end.

Of course closing down our energy independence had nothing to do with this.

Really interesting that every bodies talking about how this is creating value for everyone, but failing to mention that we lose much of the value of decentralization when we rely on the institutions represented here.

rint about 10% of new money every year to have stable inflation (US and every county on earth done it for 100 years) and not get into a deflation spiral. In the last year, there was printed exactly 10% of the money supply of 2020, so in last year the US printed the exact amount of money they should.   

Excellent forum, crypto is moving in the right direction.  Buying the dip again today.

 extremely tiny 3 trillion economy will never be able to measure up to china's large well endowed 17 trillion economy

 have an immensely microscopic 3 trillion economy that will never be able to measure up to china's large well endowed 17 trillion economy

 military chopper crashes in Jalgaon; Pilot dead, co-pilot injured

It's all going to pop, the next market crash is coming, the government keeps fudging the numbers on the reports they put out, the great resignation is growing out of ignorance of the sheeple and China and Russia are like mean kids with pins waiting to pop said balloons be it with cyber attacks, false information reports or all out war. I suggest people read the decline and fall of the Roman empire, it seems to be happening again.