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The crypto market is relatively stable at the start of the year, with no major price movements from any of the leading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to trade in the $45,000-$52,000 window that it has remained within since early December, though has fallen to the lower bounds of it at the start of 2022.

Ethereum (ETH) has slipped below the $4,000 mark that it had managed to hold above for so long, but has shifted in value by less than 1 per cent over the last few days.

Several high-profile figures within the cryptocurrency space have predicted big things for bitcoin this year, with the illusive six-figure price target still seen as a realistic outcome for many analysts and traders.

Part of the reason for this is the huge momentum carried over from 2021, which saw massive institutional and retail interest – exemplified on Monday by former First Lady Melania Trump celebrating the anniversary of bitcoin.

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I don't trust. That is why not doing transaction or holding usd

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am I right that companies like Roku and Teladoc, which are in ARKK  trade at 10x sales or even more despite the sell-off ? Is this the mother of all bubbles ?

Why is someone from Stellar Lumans here.. ‍️

The issue with this  is it brings a bunch of different sectors together to prove a "bubble" yet the supposed bubble is implied to be specific to one market? so they pretty much prove their own theory wrong. they basically saying "one of these markets could be in a bubble" while showing significant increase in value across all assets since pandemic.   Meanwhile it is not discussed that this is primarily due to rampant global money printing inflating currencies around the world so yes assets will go up especially since governments and banks are pumping this printed money into assets.

 but at least there aren't anymore mean Tweets

If Jim Cramer thinks inflation is transitory, we are DEFINTELY in trouble!

That's right RISK that's the one, oceans of liquidity yer, who is this guy I want to follow  Yer Opportoonity man  No the market is going g to crash no one wants to be the last holding the bag. Crypto gona crash too.

As Peter Schiff would say, you cannot put the inflation genie back into the lamp.