Dow rises to new record, but Nasdaq falls nearly 2% as higher rates divide the m

Started by OZER, Jan 04, 2022, 07:59 PM

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enjoyed your stimulous? this is what helicopter money creates

#39Everyday people#39 don#39t gamble on crypto.  Fiat crypto is online Las Vegas on steroids.

Haha entertaining indeed Do Kwon Indeed entertaining!! ahahahahhahaha!

Well done mini-documentary, usually the economics is poorly done by mass media.

We can start by hanging Central Banksters for Treason...then most of Congress for allowing it...

Yes. By shifting the attention to China and Russia, Biden can easily downplay the inflation issue.

10:59 many of us said that from the get go in 90s! And that big sucking sound! Finally its coming to light. Thanks .

Excellent explanation - in such a short time frame - looking forward to a follow-up when more is known - experienced a 1k loss myself in a HODL position but am widely diversified throughout the crypto space, of which Luna was a very small fraction of holdings.  brEvery investor will have losses - as an investor you are Guaranteed to lose money, your mindset cannot be to simply win at an investment, it has to be to make more than you lose especially in high risk plays which demands diversification. Crypto in general is extremely HIGH RISK - diversify within Crypto and diversify all investments across many spaces outside crypto as well  - this will provide you your best chances of coming out ahead overall... chin up to all those who#39ve learned a painful lesson through this - the sun will shine again...

>>Thank you so much for your fantastic threads. I always watch your threads and have shared your thread links with four of my friends. I admire how open-minded you are about investing, so please provide me more tips and hints on how to outperform the market and earn from option