Aeroflot sells special shares in order to be able to buy planes

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:42 PM

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This is why these legacy companies and mainstream media are dying because you cannot adapt not even you way of thinking, of course companies have the potential to make more money and are valued more theres more money in the system something that happens all the time throughout history.

 spacex is.I think Elon is looking for an excuse to lay off employees he thinks are not productive enough.  He doesn't want out right say he's laying off subpar employees, because that would ruin the image of how great of an employer Tesla

The problem is theyre not measuring inflation properly. CPI is not an accurate metric. Real inflation includes items people actually buy on a daily basis, not some theoretical basket of goods and services.

The Fed doesn't need to be reformed... it needs to be abolished and the dollar needs to return to gold and silver, as described in the Constitution.

That seemed more like commitee R&D for their own CBDC.

I'm sure fed can handle inflation by printing more money!

listen if the United States does that they are idiots. I have watch one man alone on twitter and reddit show everyone how xlm is not safe that it is manipulate and can be move the way he wants it there is a  he made so eveurone on pirate couod see it where he move two different tokens sround trading against xlm and droped xlm over night then build it back up the next day. He has been kicked off by every russian dev stellar has working for them they had him removed from reddit and linkedin. So we tried his method and he is right We also found the illegal exhanges that are doing this he show ot all 100% clearly and the ceo ofd stellar and all the other he emailed ignored him

Inflation is width the  government needs  But not the people

Maybe people didn't get the memo yet but the entire country is in a recession right now. Everyone is taking a bath. The crypto markets crashed. The stock markets crashed. People are barely able to afford gas rent and groceries. 50k cars arn't going to be flying off the lots anymore.