Forex Forecast: Pairs in Focus

Started by OZER, Dec 20, 2021, 12:44 AM

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Why are you using fake graphs for Gamestop, you are saying that gamestop went 1900% up (which is correct) and the chart points out over 8000%. Many times on TV i cringe when i see bad data visualization, especialy on TV Networks that have the budget to create proper charts, it makes me think that they use them in malicious way.

Of course closing down our energy independence had nothing to do with this.

You think it will be stopped? It was planned! WAKE UP! Basic playbook leading to Great Depression. Who benefits from inflation? What benefits do the 1% have from transferring what wealth is left from poor and middle class? Total power and accelerated rental revenue growth. Once the 99% scoop up all homes the opportunity for poors to build wealth will not exist. The rich already own over 90% of stocks and crypto so at any time they can pull the rug. You want a decent return with your money, feel free to invest it in the rigged stock market. The market doesnt follow true price discovery, it is layered with loopholes and crime designed to confuse you and strip you of your money. The market isnt regulated, the people who regulate it receive funding from tax payers but ultimately are bought off by Wall Street. Dont expect congress to help because they are bought off too. Covid is the event they will blame the crash on to avoid an uprising. They will raise rates and take your homes and investments. Then after that the only way out is war, and guess who benefits from that too? We are fukt!

ehat time does coinbase cfo speak?

Sherman is a vampire!!! A globalist gnome!!!

LL THE WAY UP ️️ ️                       ️             ️ ️        ️                *       ️                      *         ️     *                 *                   *              *                *                     Lets go!

Average price for 1 bedroom in FL is $1100

We need Germany translator, please please please

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

watch?v=3-dvi1f_2vA&t=386s&ab_channel= - There will be no inflation in the future  2020www..comhttps:

Depending on China for goods & wasting 2 trillion dollars on a war is how we got here.

The Fed should buy crypto so we can build infrastructure with profits instead of debt and taxes!

Yes, They can. Just chant Lets Go Brandon till you finally get what it means.