Forex Forecast: Pairs in Focus

Started by OZER, Dec 20, 2021, 12:44 AM

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$Super ..SuperFarm (20x) NFT +Gaming and soon Metaverse.. Ellio is the Founder

It could have been, but JFK was targeted by the banking industry

Yes. Stop to freaking print more dollars

Banksters have inflation to get rich, its how they steal your labor...DUH  Your channel is stupid!!!!!!!!

No mention of the Federal Reserve ? (Interest rates) need to be raised from its rock bottom state to slow inflation. Fed needs to taper its easy monetary policy asap

Tesla was bubble at 60$ a share, and then 180$ a share, and then 500$ a share and now 1000$ a share. Keep it up , your analysts on screen are joke. Teslas fundamentals are far strong and have much more potential. Buying the dip is the best thing to do.

Good luck, ya played yourselves. 40%-50% on housing? hahahahahahahahahaha. The "honorable Jerome Powell" that 's even funnier. The Fed doesn't need reform, it needs to be burned to the ground.

Inflation is good for the producers and bad for the consumers.

they say it is all open etc., but the reality is it will all be owned by the few just like what happened to the internet in the first place.  same hollow claims.

Real easy. The public just needs to really cut back on frivolous spending. Just for one month. Stay home. Dont drive anywhere not needed. Dont buy anything. Even buy less food.  month of that the  The big corps will start dropping prices back to normal

I hope everything crashes and burns so i can start buying out.

How much did that lady pay cbnc? She doesnt seem have much expertise except mumbling meaningless words.

Why are you using fake graphs for Gamestop, you are saying that gamestop went 1900% up (which is correct) and the chart points out over 8000%. Many times on TV i cringe when i see bad data visualization, especialy on TV Networks that have the budget to create proper charts, it makes me think that they use them in malicious way.

Nice  and great work.It nice to see others who are benefiting in cryptocurrency we all will be millionaires soon believe me, currently my portfolio is $120,000