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Prices for natural gas in the spot market (CFDS ON NATURAL GAS) have been trading higher at intraday levels recently, to see slight gains of 0.13% per day up to the moment of writing this report. Yesterday's price reached $9,300 per million British thermal units, after increasing by 0.15% during the trading session.

Tuesday's session was calmer than Monday, with natural gas futures failing to maintain early gains as traders took profits. As of July 31, the price of gas for one million British thermal...

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It is the highest level the euro has achieved against the safe-haven yen since January 5, 2015, as the greenback reaches a new two-decade high against the yen. While others have tightened policies to combat inflation through raising interest rates, the Bank of Japan remains dovish.

As U.S. equities fell on Wednesday, the dollar index rose and boosted the appeal of the safe haven, while the euro strengthened ahead of a policy announcement from the European Central Bank. As a result of the dollar's...

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The launch of NFT Cloud, a platform for buying and selling crypto assets, is being credited to either FOMO or actual customer demand.

It is a shift towards the future, one that is driven by a customer's curiosity, says the company.
"We are looking forward to helping CMOs and CDOs build and maintain meaningful relationships with their customers through new innovations, products, and offerings that Salesforce is offering," Adam Caplan, SVP of Emerging Technology at Salesforce, told TechCrunch.

NFT selling...

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As part of its efforts to protect consumers and financial institutions, the NYDFS imposed strict reserve requirements for stable coin issuers.

The New York banking and finance regulator has issued new guidelines showing that stablecoins must be backed by certain assets, with the assets segregated from the issuer's operational funds and regularly audited by a third party.

Consequently, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), which oversees crypto companies in the state, released its first...

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BlackRock does not "see" in any case inflation in the amount of "gold" 2%

"Limit your exposure to risky assets" recommends the investment giant BlackRock, due to the shock that markets and economies are experiencing from the situation prevailing in Energy.

At the same time, the house remains underweight in bonds due to the inflationary environment, as it points out in its new report.

The ECB will confirm this week that interest rates are about to rise, with markets expecting surges until 2023. For its...

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Russian state-owned airline Aeroflot, which faces heavy pressure from Western sanctions and airspace bans, is planning an emergency sale of shares to raise $ 3 billion.

Aeroflot, which is controlled by the Russian state, announced that its shareholders at its annual meeting approved the issue of 5.42 billion new shares, which can be bought at a price of 34.29 rubles (0.52 euros). each, in a pre-registration process for their disposal.

The airline plans to order 300 aircraft from United Aircraft Corporation,...

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European stocks closed lower today amid worries about a slowdown in the economy and pessimistic Credit Suisse forecasts on banks as investors prepare for tomorrow's meeting of the ECB and the Federal Reserve next week.

The pan-European STOXX 600 stock index fell 0.6%. Banks recorded the biggest losses, of 0.9%, since Credit Suisse warned that it is very likely to suffer expanded losses in the second quarter, as strong volatility has hit the investment bank.Read More


BTC Markets, an Australian bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, saw a 175% increase in female users in the last financial year, well above the 80% increase in male users, according to a new company report.

Women also made higher initial deposits, averaging $ 2,381, compared to an average of $ 2,060 deposited by men. The portfolio size was slightly smaller for women than men, about $ 400 less on average.

In addition, women traded fewer times a day - two, on average, compared to five of men - suggesting a "structured trading strategy" by women, "with a smaller range of more focused placements."

Women are often found to be more unpredictable than men in behavioral finance studies. "The fact that there are more women trading cryptocurrencies breaks the stereotypes about cryptocurrency investors that they are risk-takers," the report said.

As more women invest in cryptocurrencies, the industry's reputation grows. Their increased involvement helps to argue that cryptocurrencies can be "placed next to other traditional investments," the report said.

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It's been almost 15 years since the Bank of England's (BoE) meaningfully increased interest rates. They've been below 1% for over a decade. So, jitters about the Bank of England's decision to bring rates up to 0.5% are to be expected.

Generally speaking, interest rates and stocks tend to move in opposite directions. When rates rise, it should, in theory, make saving more attractive. If your savings at the bank are making a reasonable return, it becomes harder to justify the extra risks that come with investing. Plus, things like mortgages and credit card debt become more expensive, so people have less to spend. This can have knock-on effects on company profits and ultimately returns.Read More


Gold prices have remained resilient in recent weeks in the face of broad market volatility, decoupling somewhat from its typical price drivers — bond yields and the dollar.

Even as 10-year Treasury yields and the U.S. dollar index rose from intra-year lows toward the end of January, the precious metal held above $1,800 per troy ounce. As of Friday afternoon, spot gold was still trading around that $1,800/oz marker.Read More

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