European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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Nice  Expert  Katherine has really Taught me the better way or trading

Pi Network will succeed all these crypto, Pi Network is doing something all other crypto isn#39t.

Outsourcing a lawyer... sure why not. During the pandemic many trials were held online right? So if e.g. an indian can speek good english and was taught american law why wouldn´t he be able to be your lawyer? Sure there are certain regulations in place with that job specifically but there might be ways around it in the future... maybe already.

Keeping him as C.E.O. is dangerous for investors.

amp South Korea Gov trying to protect him from court. Corruption involved


If someone would actually model Teslas EPS on just the car business to 2025, I would listen to their case.

To pay 20% interest - how were they making money to pay this interest

keşke  otomatik şu altyazı olayını çökseydi


I am surprised at what a good report this is.

ICE car manufacturers that pretend to be transitioning to electric. GM is the poster child   

I like Elon but I think the trend has been bad for him lately and it is coloring his view.