European shares: In the "red" with pressure from banks

Started by OZER, Jun 08, 2022, 08:37 PM

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I really like  , but unfortunately PLTR is the worst performing asset I've ever owned. Still holding because no point in selling now

democrats don't want to build a better world they only whant TO DESTROY everything and steel  billions of dollars from the people

Im not saying crypto doesnt Experience inflation but unlike other fiat backed assets inflation doesnt harm crypto. Not only this but also the fact that fiat in general is crashing even though crypto will see corrections I really dont think crypto is in a bubble as many people think it is due to the fact that it turns fiat currency into x10 return or more not only this but aswell as crypto has its own power its own entity no body controls other than members of that blockchain or crypto holdings.

China?  You mean the UK, EU, and USA. Those are the economies sinking into an abyss

this  is so flawed. who can say what should be the bitcoin fair value? that means they do noy even know what bitcoin is. Tesla? most of then stock now is on real investors hands so, the valuation is in the future.  we should be talking about main stream media MEME  channels...

The gov can stop inflation by simply raising interest rates but this is politically risky as necessary recessions don't win elections

the CPI isn't tracking energy and food since the early 80s ... inflation is like 15-20% in real terms ... #buybtc

He sounds just like Kathy Woods, spinning air castles. Delusional and an absolute investing nightmare..

Money printing is the sole reason why we are seeing massive price hikes. Its not just one sector of the economy. And yes, housing is in a bubble. Its been in a perpetual bubble since 2008. The bubble never popped because the government bailed out the banks that were holding all those junk loans. Dont forget that the banks threatened the gov or told them that if they didnt get bailed out that the whole system would come down.

@crypto is to perfect and can do on a global scale what Democrats are incapable of doing. That's. why  all democrats MUST destroy it, they will do anything,  in there power to destroy CRYPTO'  for the sole reason THEY CAN'T steel anymore  FROM THE PEOPLE only thing the ARE  NOT SMART ENOUGH